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Dad’s been in South Africa visiting my family over Christmas. He’s brought me back a leaflet advertising a local Witch Doctor. Services include: 

*Bring back lost lover in 1-3 days
*Ensure that promotion you ever desired for along time
*Make him/her love you alone
*Attracting customers to your business and turn your trade into favourite
*Make him marry you and pay lobola
*To finish other problems by other doctors and making demands for you
*Know your parnters secret (same day)
*Get married quickly to the one desire
*Do you love someone who doesn’t love you
*Nfuli oil to call your husband to come to you every time
*Strong erection in seconds
*Extreme protection for those doing dangerous jobs like bank manager
*Court cases (same day) to win or lose
*Penis extension (5-25cm)

Crying with laughter. But could also do with a few of these services.


The Gambler - fun.

I swear when I grow up, I won’t just buy you a rose. I will buy the flower shop and you will never be lonely.

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